Would you like to move on more easily?

Change blocking thoughts or feelings?

Gain more energy and strength to take good care of yourself?

Find more confidence and trust in yourself instead of being overwhelmed by inner stress?

Do you want to take ownership of your power and be truly powerful?

1:1 Energy Work per Zoom, approximately 10-15 Minutes    

Stress, daily challenges, experiences as well as mental and emotional triggers separate us from

our Selves. Your personal Vocal Sound Healing can support you on an energetic level to reconnect with your Self, your intuition, and your soul. 

 With Personal Vocal Sound Healing, I intuitively offer you the healing frequencies that you need at that moment. In dialog with your soul, I become a bridge (channel) for your Self. Please be assured, that only what helps you and is in harmony with your soul plan will happen. You are and remain your own authority, thus all healing takes place within the Self.

Your possible benefits: 

- New options and opportunities for your actions 

- More inner balance and freedom 

- Harmonization of your emotions 

- Stress reduction and inner peace 

- Relief and activation of your self-healing powers 

- Release old energies that no longer serve you

Our session, including your Personal Vocal Sound Healing, lasts approximately 10-15' and takes place via Zoom. The channeled frequencies are a light-language that the mind does not know. However, your heart and soul do! 

Do you want more? Live sessions such as Holistic Coaching 45'  are also possible in the Netherlands. Would you like to be supported in this way in your transformation process for more lightness? Then get in touch with me so that I can get to know your concerns and we can find out wether we are a good match. 

You can reach me at hallo@martina-vanderveer.com. Please include your phone number so that we can make an appointment for a short phone call in oder to set the date for your Personal Vocal Sound Healing. We can communicate in German, English, or Dutch. 


Are you ready to start in the right place to make your life or career freer and more successful? Then get in touch with me. 

My special offer for you: 65,00 € + VAT, including your recording

Implementation by appointment via Zoom.


I look forward to supporting you on your growth journey. 

Be truly powerful. Be yourself.  

Sincerely, Martina

Practical Recommendations: Find a quiet and comfortable place where you will be undisturbed. If possible, close your eyes and use your techniques to ground and align yourself. Take a deep breath, open up, and allow yourself to be gently touched by the frequencies. Trust your intuition and go with the flow that feels right to you. You may want a piece of paper or a journal nearby to write down insights and perceptions. If you feel a twinge of discomfort, just breathe and relax into it, fully accepting and allowing that aspect to surface and be moved by the healing frequencies. Decide for yourself whether or not the sound healing feels right at this moment. You are your own authority. After listening to your vocal sound healing meditation, drinking lots of water might help you. Listen to your body and take good care of yourself. Don’t use this Sound Healing under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or strong medications.

Important information: Holistic Coaching is not a substitute for a diagnosis or treatment by a doctor, psychotherapist or alternative practitioner. Holistic Coaching is not a therapy and does not replace it. Holistic Coaching does not provide a diagnosis, treatment, therapy or promise of healing. If you are undergoing medical or psychotherapeutic treatment or are taking medication, please speak to your doctor before starting Holistic Coaching. It is also your duty to inform me of these circumstances at the beginning of our Holistic Coaching session. As my client, you are fully responsible for your own actions, measures and physical and mental health.

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