What makes you judge yourself and think the way you do? Your opinion about yourself is a result of education, experiences, and the judgment of others. It is important to understand the influence of imprints and upbringing, to process them, and shape your own life. Become aware of these influences and question your own beliefs. Ask yourself: What is holding you back? In what part of your life do you want to move forward with more ease? What obstacle or blockage do you need to overcome? Let the frequencies help you to bring aggravating convictions into motion. You may hear sentences, memories can pop up, or you could feel them in your body. Explore them, find new insights, and hopefully let go of them.

This vocal sound healing is designed to help move and release energies no longer useful. Simply allow the frequencies to flow through you, breathe deeply, and set your intention to be unburdened. Be aware that only what is no longer useful to you can be moved.

Your benefit: Gain more freedom in being yourself, and as a result new possibilities to act and interact with new ease. You can empower yourself to be more you.

Practical Recommendations: Find a quiet and comfortable place where you will be undisturbed. If possible, close your eyes and use your techniques to ground and align yourself. Take a deep breath, open up, and allow yourself to be gently touched by the frequencies. Trust your intuition and go with the flow that feels right to you. You may want a piece of paper or a journal nearby to write down insights and perceptions. If you feel a twinge of discomfort, just breathe and relax into it, fully accepting and allowing that aspect to surface and be moved by the healing frequencies. Decide for yourself whether or not the sound healing feels right at this moment. You are your own authority. After listening to your vocal sound healing meditation, drinking lots of water might help you. Listen to your body and take good care of yourself. Don’t use this Sound Healing under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or strong medications.

Duration: 10:23 min.

Download access 2 days after purchase.

In case of any questions, please feel free to contact me at: hallo@martina-vanderveer.com

Be truly powerful. Be yourself. Love, Martina

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Disclaimer: The content you'll see is intended as a tool for meditation and reminder for self-healing. While there may certainly be health benefits, the content is not presented or intended to be medical advice or to be a medical substitute in any way. If you feel you have a serious physical or mental ailment, please seek help from doctors or other health professionals. Please be your own authority and follow your intuition. Listen to your body and decide if this is the right offer (frequency) for you.

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